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Apostrophe 2.92.1, Workflow 2.22.0 and External-Notifications 1.0: Slack notices, bug fixes and more

apostrophe-external-notifications 1.0.0

This new module sends slack notifications when various events occur in Apostrophe, such as committing a document. Development was sponsored by Michelin, through Apostrophe Enterprise Support.

If you need a feature added to Apostrophe sooner rather than later, you should definitely check out our enterprise support program. It’s not just for large companies; smaller shops have frequently sponsored smaller features that are important to them.

This module requires the latest version of apostrophe-workflow to receive the needed events.

apostrophe 2.92.1

  • Fixes for several bugs relating to tooltips persisting on the page longer than they should.
  • Fixes for three bugs relating to array fields: a required array field that is hidden by showFields is now correctly treated as not required (like other field types). Clicking “cancel” when editing an array now correctly reverts to the original contents of the array. And dynamic choice methods for select and checkboxes fields now work correctly when nested in an array or object field.
  • Nested areas can now be edited properly when found inside a dialog box, such as the “Edit” dialog box of a piece type.
  • Upgraded diff package to continue passing npm audit.
  • Upgraded jQuery from version 3.3.1 to version 3.4.1, for those who have set jQuery: 3 as an option to apostrophe-assets. This addresses a minor prototype pollution bug in jQuery. Please note that if you are not using jQuery: 3, you are still using jQuery 1.x. If you have jQuery code that will not work with 3.x, you should take the plunge and fix it, as there are no new fixes forthcoming for any issues with jQuery 1.x. You can also use the new lean: true option to eliminate jQuery altogether when no user is logged in (in Apostrophe 3.x this will be the behavior all the time).

apostrophe-workflow 2.22.0

  • You are now invited to optionally export as well after performing a batch commit, similar to a regular commit. Thanks to Javier Mabarca.
  • This module now emits apostrophe-workflow:afterCommit, apostrophe-workflow:afterExport, apostrophe-workflow:afterForceExport and apostrophe-workflow:afterForceExportWidget events, for use with the new module apostrophe-external-notifications, which can send a notice to Slack in these situations.
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