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Apostrophe 2.95.0: fixed nested sub-area edits, slug prefixes for images and files, migration stability on Atlas, error handling and more

  • Nested content in sub-areas is no longer lost when editing schema properties of the widget that contains the areas.
  • The slugPrefix option for pieces modules now works correctly. This option prefixes the slugs of all pieces of that type with the given string. It is recommended, but not required, that the prefix end in - . The editor requires that the slug be prefixed with the slugPrefix , the editor suggests slugs that include the prefix, and a migration now runs to add the slugPrefix to pieces that lack the prefix. If this results in a slug conflict the offending piece is left alone and flagged for your manual attention. A slug without the prefix does not cause any harm, other than cluttering up the namespace of slugs.
  • apostrophe-images and apostrophe-files now use the slugPrefix option to prefix their slugs. This will result in a one-time migration for each at startup, after which your image and file slugs will no longer be in frequent conflict with other pieces when you try to give them friendly slugs. Note that image and file slugs are not used in actual media asset filenames , so there is no bc break there. And although most sites don’t have an apostrophe-images-pages or apostrophe-files-pages module, those that do will experience no 404 errors due to Apostrophe’s robust redirect features.
  • Apostrophe migrations are now more stable in MongoDB Atlas and other environments in which it is unwise to keep a single MongoDB cursor alive for long periods. To achieve greater stability, the apos.migrations.eachDoc method now fetches the _id properties of all relevant docs first, and they are then processed in small batches.
  • The APOS_TRACE_DB=1 environment variable, which is useful for tracking down MongoDB issues, now includes traces for distinct calls.
  • A division-by-zero error in the migration progress display was fixed, correcting some strange-looking output.
  • In apostrophe-assets , the logic to determine the dev environment asset generation id was factored out to the determineDevGeneration method to simplify overriding it in apostrophe-multisite .
  • and apos.utils.get now report HTTP errors (status >= 400) properly to their callbacks. The object provided as the error includes a status property with the HTTP status code. The body is still available in the second argument to the callback.