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Apostrophe 2.96.0 & Apostrophe Workflow 2.24.0: UX improvements, bug fixes, "force export related"

Apostrophe 2.96.0:

  • Reverse joins no longer result in an empty tab when they are the only unarranged field, since they have no editing UI in any case.

  • The “context menu” (aka “Page Settings,” “Published,” etc.) has been cleaned up in several ways. It no longer appears unless the user at least has edit access to either or data.piece. This deciding factor can be altered by overriding apos.templates.showContextMenu, which accepts req and must return true or false. In addition, the “Unpublished” dropdown works properly in all cases.

  • Notifications now have an explicit “close” button to help those who did not realize they were clickable. Also, they display the proper cursor when hovered and use a suitable HTML tag for improved accessibility.

Apostrophe Workflow 2.24.0:

  • replicateAcrossLocales: false is now much more usable. This feature is designed to save a lot of database space, and it does do that, but there have been usability challenges. Formerly, upon adding a new locale with this setting enabled, the new locale was completely empty except for parked pages and the global doc. In practice this is too little content because of the missing documents that those documents are closely joined to, such as their images. Now, the documents just one hop away from the “foundational documents” are also replicated to a new locale.

  • When “Force Export” is selected for an entire page or piece, you are now invited to “Force Export” related documents as well. This complements the change above with a more flexible solution when manually exporting more content to other locales. Note that a similar feature already exists for “Commit” and for the regular “Export” feature that follows it.

  • For a good user experience for non-admin users with some editing privileges, this version ensures that the “context menu,” including the locale picker and draft/live switch, are present on the page even in Apostrophe 2.96.0, which otherwise would be more aggressive about removing this markup when the user lacks editing privileges on the current page.

Many thanks to Michelin and other enterprise clients for their support of this work. You too can support Apostrophe’s development and get the features you want on an accelerated schedule!