Apostrophe domain collapsed

Problem is with .com domains. Apostrophe binding collapsed when the href URL domain ends with .com
On the below screenshot it’s an HTML page view.

  1. After the .com if we use /xxx ‘https://twebservice.com/about-us.html’ its is getting collapsed.
  2. If we use .comhttps://twebservice.com’ it is working as a correct link.

    Why after .com is getting html collapsed ??? Any Solution for this.
    Thanks in Advance!!!

This doesn’t really sound like an Apostrophe problem, but likely something in your HTML template - I assume by “Apostrophe binding” you’re referring to using a Nunjucks variable (like {{something}}) in a template? Can you post the HTML code where you’re generating this link?

What do you mean by “collapsed” here? Where are you putting this code, what is the code exactly, and how is it being output?

I do see your screenshot starts with ">, which might be your problem. What does the template code look like for that part?