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Apostrophe-lean-frontend 2.1.0: lean stylesheets, automatic inclusion of project-level assets by default


apostrophe-lean-frontend lets you write Apostrophe sites without any of our default styles or JavaScript libraries. All you get is a tiny, minimalist utility library (under 10K before gzip) with just enough capabilities to allow you to make cross-browser AJAX calls and write custom Apostrophe widget players.

Two improvements have arrived in version 2.1.0:

  • LESS is also put on a diet. By default no default styles are pushed by Apostrophe. This was always supposed to happen but was unintentionally omitted in previously relates.
  • However, project-level assets configured via the “assets” option to “apostrophe-assets” automatically ARE included, as long as the “when” option is not explicitly used to specify something other than “lean”. This is much more intuitive for those migrating projects to the module.

Thanks to regmeg for contributing these improvements that make apostrophe-lean-frontend easier to get started with.

Please note that apostrophe-lean-frontend is your best migration path to Apostrophe 3.x on the front end! In Apostrophe 3.x, apostrophe-lean-frontend's apos.lean object will become the standard apos.ui object in the browser and jQuery, lodash, moment, etc. will not be pushed unless you push them yourself.