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Apostrophe-personas version 3.0.0: better SEO


Version 3.0.0 of the apostrophe-personas module has been released. This release contains a change in approach and a bc break, thus the new major version number.

The version number of this module has nothing to do with the version of Apostrophe it is intended to be used with. Each module has its own version following the semantic versioning standard. apostrophe-personas is still intended for use with the Apostrophe 2.x series.

Here are the new features and changes:

  • SEO fix (and a bc break, thus a new major version): personas are indicated via a URL prefix consistently, for correct SEO. That is, if your current persona is auto, there will always be a corresponding URL prefix.

  • Still stores the current persona in req.session.persona for backward compatibility and to implement the req.data.personaSwitched mechanism.

  • The persona none is now a real persona, with no prefix in the urls.

  • Permanent redirections (301) are made if the page or piece has a specified persona and the persona prefix of the URL does not match the page/piece persona.

  • If a universal page is requested with no persona prefix, and the option disableEmptyUniversal is set to true, redirects to options.defaultPersonaByLocale (an object with values for each locale), or to options.defaultPersona, or finally to the first configured persona.

  • Author will be able to select persona none in documents for global content.

  • Added a isPersonaUniversalContext in req.data indicating if the current page has an universal persona (useful for persona switcher display in authoring).