Apostrophe update: 3.0 progress, 2.106.2 released, passport, forms & uploadfs improvements

Bi-Weekly Update:

First, we’ll take a moment to call out that we’ve created a practice of making bi-weekly updates that share our current focus, as well as important releases we’ve made in Apostrophe. We’ve committed to increased transparency and a schedule for when you can expect to hear from us. We’ll continue to release any critical fixes outside of these bi-weekly windows, but you can expect a solid update from us every other Wednesday. We promise to make them worth your time!

Current Focus

We’re well underway with Apostrophe 3.0, with some major progress to highlight. After aligning on our new module format, we’ve shifted our focus to creating RESTful APIs for Login, Pieces, and Pages. We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed our efforts on both Login and Pieces with all tests passing :tada:. Our next sprint will focus on Pages APIs, as we move towards apostrophe-headless becoming a core part of Apostrophe 3.0. After that we’ll get our existing proof of concept 3.0 UI to work with these APIs, and we’ll be able to merge all of this to the 3.0 branch.

On the UI side of things, we’ve made serious progress with our component library, which we’ve been developing with Story Book. Notably, we’ve decided to move forward with a native date and time picker , since support has mostly shored up among browsers. We’ll be providing a polyfill for Safari users, so no worries there :wink:.

We’ve also started our design phase for the reimagining of apostrophe-workflow . We’ve gathered a ton of feedback through our agency partners over the last few weeks, and have begun folding this into to our design phase. More updates on this to come.

In Design:

In Development:

New Releases

apostrophe 2.106.2

  • Apostrophe overrides CKEditor icons for common toolbar items. This override was overreaching, however, hiding any new button icons added as plugins. The core override was made more targeted to avoid this.
  • The continuous integration tool used primarily to run code tests was changed from Travis to CircleCI.

apostrophe-passport 2.2.0

  • If the firstName and lastName are available from the strategy, use those in preference to attempting to parse displayName . Thanks to RyamBaCo for this contribution.

apostrophe-forms 1.8.1

  • The reCaptcha feature had a bug in IE11 and the reCaptcha UI was not visible. This was fixed by converting a NodeList to an Array before using .forEach() .

uploadfs 1.16.0

  • Added bucketObjectsACL option to s3.js to allow override of default ‘public-read’ permission when using a restricted S3 bucket to store assets. Thanks to Shaun Hurley for the contribution.
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