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Apostrophe-workflow 2.10.0 released: automatically detects new locales and slug prefixes


Developers have told us that getting started with apostrophe-workflow is harder than it needs to be, and we’ve heard you. The following changes make it easier:


  • Developers no longer have to explicitly run the apostrophe-workflow:add-missing-locales and apostrophe-workflow:add-locale-prefixes command line tasks. Much like parked pages, these are implemented automatically when starting up your node server process or when running command line tasks such as apostrophe-migrations:migrate. It is still possible to run these tasks explicitly.
  • apostrophe-workflow:add-locale-prefixes can now remove a slug prefix that is no longer present in your configuration, provided that it was present on a previous startup with this version or newer. All historical locale slug prefixes are remembered for consideration in the cleanup process.
  • apostrophe-workflow:add-locale-prefixes has been optimized to avoid unnecessary work.