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Apostrophe-workflow 2.14.0: `i18n` compatibility, default locales by hostname and other improvements

  • Added defaultLocalesByHostname option for situations where we can infer a better default locale from the hostname, even though the root URL is being accessed and all of the locales for that hostname have prefixes.
  • This module is now compatible with apostrophe-i18n. Specifically, when apostrophe-workflow sets the current locale, this also takes effect for apostrophe-i18n and thus for your static translations. Note that the i18n module is automatically reconfigured when the workflow module is instantiated, in order to pass the correct locales and defaultLocale; otherwise existing workflow-based sites would break. Configuring those options to apostrophe-i18n has no effect in the presence of workflow. However other options passed to that module via apostrophe-i18n configuration are left intact. Thanks to ehibes for their pull request.
  • Do not crash if a commit is attempted for a doc type that is not subject to workflow.

Thanks to Michelin for making much of the above work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.