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Apostrophe-workflow 2.15.0 released: sensible workflow for "reorganizing" the page tree at last!


“Reorganize” (aka “Manage Pages”) and the apostrophe-workflow module finally play together well!

In the past, it worked like this: any movement of a page in the tree automatically took place across all locales where that page was not considered trash. Including draft and live locales.

This was widely considered a bug. It was actually a choice made due to challenges implementing true workflow for “reorganize,” but it certainly felt like a bug.

Certain permissions restrictions added frustration and did not reduce the risk associated with the feature as much as hoped.

Now, beginning with version 2.15.0 of apostrophe-workflow, it works like this:

  • To move a page via “reorganize,” you simply need permission to edit that page and the page you are dropping it on, just like normal Apostrophe.
  • Until you commit this has no effect on the live version of the page.
  • When you commit, the same move operation is applied to the live version of the page.
  • When you export, or force export, that move operation is applied to the draft versions of the appropriate locales.

In short… it works like most users always assumed it did!

We hope you find this to be a substantial improvement in usability and safety for this feature.

The apostrophe-workflow module provides support for both workflow (“edit a draft site safely, commit when you are ready to go live”) and localization (“customize your content for more than one language, export changes from one language to another as drafts for further editing”). You can find it here: