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Apostrophe-workflow 2.21.0: "force export widget" fix, "dereplicate" utility task, support for removing locales from sessions

  • Fixed bugs in the “force export” logic for individual widgets, introduced in 2.20.0.
  • apostrophe-workflow:dereplicate task. This task makes sense to run only once, when transitioning to the new replicateAcrossLocales: false option.
  • If apostrophe-express.csrf.disableAnonSession is set, do not store the current locale in the session for logged-out anonymous users. This eliminates another source of unnecessary session storage. Note that this means all locales must be distinguished by hostname, prefix or a combination of the two. If this is not yet the case in your configuration, you should fix that in any case, because for SEO purposes the same URL should never yield two different pages.