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Apostrophe Workflow 2.26.0: "Force Export Related" feature, global prefix support, and other fixes and improvements

  • A “Force Export Related” option has been added to the Workflow menu of Page Settings and the edit view of pieces. This option is identical to exporting related documents after a force export, except that the current document is not force exported again — just the related documents. Thanks to Freshworks for making this work possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.
  • Workflow is now more compatible with the global prefix option of Apostrophe. Thanks to Sebastian Gassner for the well-analyzed bug report.
  • An overflow issue with commit previews was resolved. Thanks to Bharathkumar Chandrasekaran of Freshworks for this contribution.
  • The Apostrophe-Locale HTTP header sets the locale for the current request only and does not modify the session. This prevents subtle race conditions that can break the locale switching UI.