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Apostrophe-workflow configuration


I have 3 languages:

    "apostrophe-workflow": {
      prefixes: {
        en: "/en",
        ru: "/ru",
        ch: "/ch"
      locales: [
          name: "default",
          label: "Default",
          private: true,
          children: [
              name: "en",
              label: "English"
              name: "ru",
              label: "Russian"
              name: "ch",
              label: "Chines"
      defaultLocale: "en",
      // IMPORTANT: if you follow the examples below,
      // be sure to set this so the templates work
      alias: "workflow",
      // Recommended to save database space. You can still
      // export explicitly between locales
      replicateAcrossLocales: true

I have a few questions:

  1. On the production, I want to make avalabel English by default. I did so, but anyway Russian is opening automaticly - what I’m doing wrong?

  2. How to change the order of languages in my template? I’m going through cycle and Russian is first in the list.