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Apostrophe-workflow version 2.21.2: fixes for replicateAcrossLocales: false


Recent versions of apostrophe-workflow added an option to prevent the module from replicating every document to every locale. It works really well and greatly reduces database size while still giving you essentially the same set of convenient ways to replicate a document when you really want to.

The option is simple to set up:

'apostrophe-workflow': {
  replicateAcrossLocales: false

However, parked pages still need to be replicated to all locales. And in certain circumstances, it was possible for replication of a parked subpage to fail, or for replication of a parked page to fail to take advantage of the content from the closest possible ancestor. These issues have been fixed in version 2.21.2.

We recommend using this option in new projects. And in existing projects, you can use it too as long as you run this task upon setting the option:

node app apostrophe-workflow:dereplicate

We do recommend making a backup first.

Hope you find it useful!

Thanks to Michelin for making both these fixes and the original feature possible through Apostrophe Enterprise Support.