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apostropheCMS install on FreeBSD


I wish to install apostropheCMS install on latest FREEBSD 12.0 but cannot find any reference to install on this Operating System (OS), or similarities to install on Linux.


Hi! Install on FreeBSD should actually be very similar. The stated requirements for Linux are also the requirements for FreeBSD. Since you choose to use FreeBSD, you’ll need to look for those requirements in the FreeBSD package repositories. The main package managers for FreeBSD are pkg and port.

Some relevant HOWTOs:



It should be noted that while FreeBSD is a great Unix operating system, there is a lot more documentation and support out there for Linux. If you’re not already experienced with package management for FreeBSD and willing to sometimes compile things, I would recommend going with Linux. You will find that ApostropheCMS is not the only software for which you can find more documentation for Linux. Again, this isn’t a criticism of FreeBSD itself and I’m quite sure folks who are comfortable installing the above components are already using ApostropheCMS successfully on it. It’s not especially picky software; it runs on Mac, Linux and Windows well, for instance.

Hope this is helpful!