Bi-Weekly Release: A3 Integration Progress

Current Focus

We’re excited to announce that we’ve started the process of integrating our isolated storybook components with our new A3 backend, kicking off the final milestone on our road to A3’s alpha release. With the majority of the team focused on making sure this phase of the build goes smoothly, there isn’t too much noise this release regarding A2, but we did find the time to fix a few bugs :wink:.

New Releases

apostrophe (core) 2.108.2

  • Updates documentation of the clonePermanent utility method.
  • Bumps the version and documents and docs update (#2237)
  • Security: the http response to dismissing a notification should not include information about the mongodb connection. The disclosed information was not sufficient to make an unauthorized connection to a properly configured database, but did include the IP address of the MongoDB server. This scenario could only be triggered by someone with credentials to log in.

apostrophe-forms-submit-google 1.1.0

  • Incorrect documentation on where to store credentials.json . As this module uses improve , lib/modules/apostrophe-forms/credentials.json is the correct location.
  • Previously, this module broke project level use of addFields for apostrophe-forms . This has been fixed in this release.
  • Documented how to override Google’s automatic guesses that can result in the loss of leading zeroes from phone numbers.
  • Documented the strange but official behavior of the Google Sheets append API, which detects the “last table” in your sheet and appends rows there, sometimes in a surprising column.
  • “Date Submitted” and “Time Submitted” fields are now automatically added to the row inserted in Google Sheets.
  • An apostrophe-forms-submit-google:before event is now emitted just before submission to google, receiving (req, forms, data) as arguments. This allows an opportunity to modify data first.

apostrophe-forms 1.10.0

Adds an event apostrophe-forms:submission-missing-recaptcha , which is emitted when a form is submitted before the reCAPTCHA is checked (e.g. expired after a while or invalidated after a failed submission). Thanks to J. Garijo for the contribution.

apostrophe-forms-phone-field-widgets 1.0

This module adds a phone number field supporting full validation of international phone number formats. It is meant for use alongside the apostrophe-forms module.

apostrophe-favicons 2.0.5

Updates draft for favicons, so they don’t appear broken after a commit is made

apostrophe-seo 1.3.0

Adds Google Tag Manager support.