Bi-weekly Release: Apostrophe Guides

Current Focus

We’re excited to announce the release of Apostrophe Guides, a brand new module that helps developers and designers write site documentation in markdown. Check out our blog post for more details and how to get started. Standard bi-weekly release notes below~

New Releases

apostrophe-headless 2.10.1

Fixes a bug in PATCH feature when using dot paths.

apostrophe-workflow 2.38.1

Fixes an issue with apostrophe-workflow:replicate-locale where pages were not always replicated in page tree order, resulting in errors.

apostrophe-palette 2.0.28

apostrophe-palette no longer pushes the entirety of into JSON in the page when logged in. This is a fix for performance when editing, as well as in some cases a fix for broken pages when logged in. If your site allows untrusted individuals to log in and you store sensitive information such as API keys in Apostrophe’s global preferences, then this should also be regarded as a security fix.

apostrophe-personas 3.0.3

Apostrophe’s standard “soft redirects” for changed page or piece URLs now work when a page or piece has an explicit persona setting.

apostrophe-nightwatch-tools 3.3.3

Respect the APOS_MONGODB_URI environment variable with respect to establishing a connection, so tests can be run with an external database.

apostrophe-area-structure 1.1.1

  • Areas with edit: false no longer break this module on the page in question.
  • Areas appearing twice no longer break the module.
  • The “delete” feature is now compatible with recent versions of Apostrophe Workflow.

apostrophe-i18n-debugger 2.2.0

Adds permission to allow non-admin users to see the entry in the admin bar.

sanitize-html 1.27.4

Fixes an IE11 regression from using Array.prototype.includes , replacing it with Array.prototype.indexOf .

sanitize-html 2.0.0-rc.1

Updates klona to 2.x. Thanks to TrySound for the contribution.

apostrophe-forms-submit-google 1.1.1

Uses the latest version of Google’s API wrapper module. No functionality changes.

apostrophe-dialog-box 1.1.0

Dispatched events when dialog box is opened whether automatically or manually.

eslint-config-apostrophe 3.4.0

  • Adds a script to check what rules from eslint-config-standard that we are not yet setting in this config. The goal of this is to make sure that any new rules we work with are intentional, rather than unexpectedly inherited from eslint-config-standard .
  • Copies over missing eslint rules with the configurations from eslint-config-standard .