Bi-Weekly Release: Bug Fixes and A3 Progress

Current Focus

This week we’re quietly releasing a number of 2.x bug fixes while we continue to focus on A3. We’ve made some major progress with our new notifications system and media library. We’re eying October for a formal Alpha release and could not be more excited. Stay tuned for more details. Release notes below.

Release Notes

apostrophe (core) 2.111.3

You can now instruct Apostrophe to trust the X-Forwarded-* headers by passing the trustProxy: true option to apostrophe-express when it running behind a proxy server like nginx. If Apostrophe is generating http: URLs when they should be https: , this is most likely what you need.

apostrophe-headless 2.10.2

  • Fixes minor ESLint errors

launder 1.3.0

booleanOrNull accepts the string 'null' as a synonym for null . Note that any was already accepted. null can be an attractive choice when the user will not see it in the query string and conflict with other uses of any is a concern.

split-html 1.1.0

Adds the Cheerio configuration option in a fourth options argument.

apostrophe-caches-redis 2.1.3

  • Updates mocha and apostrophe for security vulnerabilities.
  • Adds ESLint to the test script.

apostrophe-pubmed-import 1.0.8

  • Updates dependencies to resolve vulnerability warnings. The major version change for google-spreadsheet-to-json lists the only breaking change as “removed user/password auth method,” which does not apply to this package.