Bi-Weekly Release: HEIC/HEIF support, bug fixes, A3 progress

Current Focus

We’ve been maintaining our focus on A3 development, with more folks than usual committing to the code base. We’re hoping to provide more context into the details of our A3 work over the next few release cycles, so stay tuned for details to come. Meanwhile, we’ve added support for HEIC/HEIF images in A2, which is the default image format on iOS. These will automatically be converted to JPEG on upload :beers:. Checkout the full release notes below for other bug fixes and improvements.

New Releases

apostrophe (core) 2.109.0

  • Adds support for HEIC/HEIF media files, the default image format iOS. They automatically convert to JPEGs for web browser compatibility. Many thanks to Gabriel L. Maljkovich for this contribution.
  • Improvements to admin UI spacing.

apostrophe-cli 2.3.5

  • Removes an unnecessary API call to Github that causes problems for people behind a firewall.
  • Cleans up eslint errors.
  • Removes sync-request and pkginfo as dependencies.
  • Adds --dev flag to npm update when running create-project with the --setup flag so that devDependencies are installed.

heic-to-jpeg-middleware 2.0.0

  • Transparently converts iOS images in HEIC/HEIF format to JPEG. Handy for all Node.js projects that accept image uploads for the web, including Apostrophe. Thanks to Gabriel L. Maljkovich for making it cross-platform.
  • Now officially maintained by the Apostrophe team.

sanitize-html 1.27.1

  • Removes the unused chalk dependency. Thanks to Bogdan Chadkin for the contribution.
  • Adds configuration for a Github stale bot.
  • Replaces the xtend package with the native Object.assign . Thanks again to Bogdan Chadkin for the contribution.

time-limited-regular-expressions 1.0.0

  • A :new: utility package that evaluates regular expressions within a time limit, to mitigate DOS attacks based on catastrophic backtracking.

apostrophe-workflow 2.37.0

  • Adds options.removeWhenLive to apostrophe-admin-bar , a list of items to be removed from the admin bar during preview/live mode.

apostrophe-palette 2.0.227

  • apostrophe-palette adds itself to a list of admin bar menu items that hide themselves when apostrophe-workflow is in preview/live mode.

apostrophe-forms-google-address-field-widgets 1.0.0

  • This :new: Apostrophe Forms module adds a Google-based input field validating addresses. It is meant for use alongside the apostrophe-forms module.

apostrophe-favicons 2.0.6

  • Reduces required image size to 200px x 200px.
  • Adds support for 167px x 167px favicon.

apostrophe-nightwatch-tools 3.3.2

  • Pauses for asynchronous save operation before submitting, rather than after.