Bi-Weekly Release: REST APIs, new docs site, and miscellaneous improvements

Current Focus

We’re continuing our focus with the Pages REST APIs for Apostrophe 3. For consistency, the apostrophe-pages POST , PUT and PATCH APIs will all support specifying _targetId and _position , as in before , after or inside . As for moving pages in and out of the trash, that will be done simply by using PATCH to modify the trash property, as DELETE is reserved for true, permanent deletion in REST. We plan on closing this loop during our next sprint.

On the UI side, we’ve progressed through the Apostrophe 3.0 Area Menu, which offers accordion-style grouping that can be configured into categories to make widgets easier to find. We’ve also thrown in configurable icon-set to provide editors more context. We’re also plugging away on our display tables interface, with a big focus on screen-reader compatibility for unsighted users.

We also have some exciting news about our Documentation site, which we’ve finished porting over to VuePress. We’ve made a few improvements already by adding a feedback component (was this helpful?) and tweaking the side navigation, but we’re saving some big changes for later. We’ll be focusing on a more robust " Getting Started " experience throughout the quarter, including giving our Windows friends the love they deserve.

In Design:

In Development:

Release Notes

apostrophe-nightwatch-tools 3.2.0

apostrophe-monitor 2.1.0

apostrophe-monitor is a development tool that automatically restarts your Apostrophe site when you make code changes, saving you steps at the command line.

  • Handles syntax errors in app.js . Thanks to Joe Innes for contributing this feature.

apostrophe-cli 2.3.3

  • Cleans up CLI output spacing.
  • Adds ESLint testing and documents the --boilerplate option.

apostrophe-site-map 2.5.3

  • Disables the siteMapPriority schema field on the trash page document to prevent an “unarranged field” warning about it.

apostrophe-tiptap-rich-text-widgets 0.3.6

apostrophe (core) 2.106.3

  • Fixes a page tree interface bug that would cause pages to be lost when they were trashed with their parent, then the parent was dragged out of the trash, in the presence of the apostrophe-workflow module. As for recovering past pages lost this way, move the parent back to the trash, then back out. The association will be restored.
  • Cloning a widget now gives the new widget a properly unique ID. Thanks to Michelin for making this fix possible via Apostrophe Enterprise Support.
  • When passwordRules is in effect, CLI commands like node app apostrophe-users:change-password now produce a helpful error message similar to what is seen in the UI. Thanks to Michelin for making this fix possible as well.