Bi-Weekly Release

Current Focus

A few critical updates this release while we continue our dogged focus on the release of A3 Alpha. As many of you know, Vue 3 has recently been released, and we’re scouring the code to investigate an upgrade path so that A3 can be released with this shiny new framework.

Release Notes

apostrophe (core) 2.112.1

  • Fixes to apos.destroy to properly clean up more resources, particularly helpful with apostrophe-multisite.
  • When configuring columns in the pieces manager, the listProjection option was accidentally altered in a way that would impact other subclasses of pieces. This has been fixed.

apostrophe-multisite 2.9.0

  • Properly catch and report errors when initializing a site’s apos object.
  • destroy method for the multisite object shuts down everything. Used for clean termination of mocha tests and verification that apos.destroy does its job properly too.
  • Adds documentation on how to roll out themes as a feature.

sanitize-html 2.1.0

sup added to the default allowed tags list. Thanks to Julian Lam for the contribution.

apostrophe-i18n-static 1.1.1

Prevents a possible duplication bug when objectNotation is true.

apostrophe-seo 1.3.1

Adds a note about setting the baseUrl option in the README.

apostrophe-twitter-widgets 2.1.0

Embed full 280-character tweets where available, not the 140-character truncated version.

apostrophe-legacy-import 0.2.0

This module imports content from Apostrophe 0.5.x legacy sites to Apostrophe 2.x

  • Replaced -blog-2 with -convert-blog-2-slugs, which covers more cases
  • Standard mapping for raw html widgets
  • Import lockups as nested widgets
  • Import blocks as nested widgets
  • Optional overwrite of parked pages on import
  • Optional import of global preferences document
  • Import nested widgets
  • Option to rename slideshow widgets on import while still using their typical mapping function to convert them
  • Import crops correctly
  • Import all attributes of slideshows and images from 0.5, allowing for project-specific reimplementations

uploadfs 1.17.1

Updates ESLint configuration and fixes errors.