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Can't display toolbar menu in modal


Dear all,
I’m new to Apostrophe and I find it amazing.
Sorry for my english, I’m french :smile:

I had toolbar option to my apostrophe-rich-text, but it’s not displaying in my modal.

this is my index.js

module.exports = {
extend: 'apostrophe-widgets',
label: 'Ajouter des éléments',
addFields: [{
    name: 'bodyArea',
    label: 'Votre contenu',
    type: 'area',
    options: {
        widgets: {
            'apostrophe-rich-text': {
                toolbar: ['Bold', 'Italic', 'Link', 'Unlink']
            'apostrophe-images': {}
}, ]


This widget is called by other widgets, has an “helper”. It’s working fine, but I can’t display the editor toolbar ?
I’ve search the forum for similar topic, but didn’t find anything.

Can someone give me a hand to solve it please, or tell me where to search !



Hi everyone,
Problem solved. It was a z-index issue.