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Can't seem to find div class "block hero" and others

Hi there

I’m new to A2 and trying to accomplish what’s stated in the tutorial.

When rendering the following, it doesn’t render the “block hero”-class I assume …

{% block beforeMain %}
<div class="block hero">
<div class="inner">
  <div class="hero-text">
    <h4>Welcome to my first Apostrophe site!</h4>
{% endblock %}

That’s how it looks like (in dev and in production): Screenshot

What am I doing wrong here? It doesn’t show any 404 so I guess I need to define the class “block hero” myself? Is this assumption right and: where would I do that?


Hey @foerderlabor,

I hope it isn’t too late. Could you post this question on Stack Overflow? There you will find help with this type of question. See the following quote: