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Changes to app.js to enable group admin in navbar



The documentation here indicates that if one adds an ‘apostrophe-users’ block without the ‘groups’ attribute in the modules section of apps.js, that:

Once we do this [add block], the apostrophe-groups module, which has been politely working in the background until now, appears in its own right on the admin bar.

I’ve tried this a dozen times and can’t get the group management nav in the admin bar. Is there further documentation on this that I am missing or is this currently not working as documented?



Just retested this, works as advertised — as soon as I comment out the “groups” option to the “apostrophe-users” module and restart the site, the groups button appears in the admin bar.

My guess is that you had it configured redundantly in app.js and in lib/modules/apostrophe-users/index.js, and so you need to get rid of both.


That was it! Thank you since that not only helped with this specific issue but also with my broader understanding of Apostrophe.