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Create first admin user for a remote Apostrophe server


Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to Apostrophe and was wondering how I could create an admin user for my server running in a containerized environment. The login page is currently available at https://mywebsite.com/login

When i was running locally, I would open up a new terminal window and type node ./src/app.js apostrophe-users:add admin "admin" which would then prompt me for a password and then we had an admin.

How can this be done for a remote server? Or is there a specific endpoint that needs to be hit to create the first admin user?

Any bit of information on this is highly appreciated.



This kind of how-to question is best posted to stackoverflow and tagged apostrophe-cms. I think this is really more of a Docker question though. I’m not a Docker expert, but it looks like you can run commands remotely: