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Dynamic options.addFields in beforeConstruct not working


I was looking at creating a simple generic reusable text-only widget in apostrophe-cms so I made the module text-only-widgets .

with the following code

In lib/modules/text-only-widgets/index.js

module.exports = {
    extend: 'apostrophe-widgets',
    label: 'Section Heading',

    beforeConstruct: function (self, options) {
        console.log('options.addFields : ', options.addFields)
        options.addFields = [
                name: 'sectionHeading',
                label: 'Section Heading',
                type: 'string'
        ].concat(options.addFields || [])


In lib/modules/text-only-widgets/views/widget.html

{{ data.widget.sectionHeading }}

I now tried using the above widget in one of my pages as below:

      apos.area(data.page, 'aboutUsDescriptionTwo', {
        widgets: {
          'text-only': {
          addFields: [
              name: 'sectionDescription',  // set these fields dynamically
              label: 'Section Description',  // set these fields dynamically
              type: 'string'


As shown in the below image, notice even after passing the addFields with label as Section Description to the text-only widget doesn’t override the defaults set in the index.js.

I tried console.log on the options.addFields in index.js but it logs undefined as show below, I also tried few different variations but none works.

I was not sure whether this question is fit for this forum or for stackoverflow so I have also posted it on stackoverflow at the below link:


Please follow stackoverflow link to view answer