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Fullpage.js and Materialize.css suggestions


I’ve build an fullpage.js and materialize.css front end with apostrophe.

I looks awesome and i modified a lot of basic widgets of the apostrophe boilerplate.

unfortunately my folder structure in lib/ is quite chaotic ( need to integrate all materialize widgets in the master materialize module ) and i run into one bug but this should be fixable and don’t makes big difference for users I have an issue for that on my fullpage repository and i will create a seperate question for that on Stack Overflow. I started to learn apostrophe with this project so you can see my progress in the widgets itself the first ones have been quite simple. But i am glad anyway that i have now an beautiful front end for an nice real-time CMS like i imagined.

So i want to show you what i have build. I would consider it alpha right now but anyway all functions working almost like i wanted. I you have any suggestions or opinions about that i am really thankful. Feel free to use my repository. You can find my repository here.

An hosted version of that you will find under fullpage.xyz
If somebody wants an demo account for playing around just ask me…

Best Regards



Hey @felixlberg,

interesting combination of frameworks, that looks promising.

We have a category in this forum called Work in Progress. Would you mind adding your post to this category? So that others can find work that is based on Apostrophe easily.


I’ve Created now v0.5.2 and i made huge changes and improvements.

  • Sections are not longer static and can be added as pieces
  • Removed fullpage.js and added custom solution for performance and flexibility
  • Focused heavily on reusable and flexible content now
  • Added huge amount of apostrophe extensions

This is now stable beta for testing.


Hi Felix, want to share current links again for those just joining the conversation?


They are the same like above.

I will always have an actual version on fullpage.xyz

repository is here
You can consider this right now mostly as an front end mod and I’m trying always to keep apostrophes best practice to have best integration in apostrophe as possible.


v0.5.7 is out there now and i made again huge progress!

Now Apostrophes tab navigation feature is implemented correctly and additional one page navigation with section anchors, fullpage scroll, and active classes for elements in view are still working like before.

I am still really thankful if someone clones my repository and tests around a little bit and maybe gives some suggestions. feel free do add an issue on my repo.

Unfortunately I think fullpage cms isn’t the right name for that since I am not using fullpage,js anymore and i think the future focus wont be on fullpage scroll elements anymore because it need to have breakpoit for mobile anyway. So the focus will be more one material design widgets and maximum mobile compatibility and accessibility.