How to Add Apostrophy into an existing express instance?

Hi want to add apostrophy into my existing express project,
is there a way to export apostophy as a module and then use it in an express route?
what i’m looking for is like this:
const aposApp = require(‘custom_module’)

Hmm, we don’t currently provide the option of using an existing Express instance. However you can easily go the other way 'round. Apostrophe exposes the Express app object as

And Apostrophe also supports a prefix option, which you could set to /blog. When you use that option, there are actually two app objects, apos.baseApp and; apos.baseApp is mounted at the root, while is mounted at /blog.

So you can attach your non-Apostrophe application code to baseApp to get the effect I think you’re going for.

One of the best places to do that would be in an apostrophe:afterInit promise event handler in one of your own Apostrophe modules.

Alternatively it probably wouldn’t be a terribly difficult PR to add the ability to inject an existing app to the apostrophe-express module.

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