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Import and edit third-party page templates/theme


I plan to use BLOCS app as my templates buider…!

In this purpose, I need to know if templates exported from this app may keep being fully-editable by authorized users (in charge of page creation…), , once uploaded in Apostrophe CMS.

If this is feasable, can any one provide kind of “How to“ guide that is also mentionning what export options are recommanded :

BLOCS knowledge-base : export options help page

Can someone help ?


Hi Keepshango, we’re not really familiar with Blocs but it appears to be a website builder that supports exporting HTML.

ApostropheCMS is a framework that allows JavaScript developers to build their own sites that are user-friendly to edit. As a developer though, some familiarity with JavaScript and HTML is expected, in particular knowing enough HTML to manage turning these exported HTML templates into page templates in Apostrophe. That will require getting familiar with the Apostrophe documentation; I’d recommend going through the tutorial and deciding if Apostrophe suits your needs and whether it still makes sense to use templates generated by Blocs.