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Lean and other widgets


Hi there,

I’m evaluating apostrophe for a client. I’ve really like it so far but I’m struggling with the lean module in combination with others. For example the default images module produces a nice gallery if on selects multiple images. But with the lean module installed, there is handler (in the frontend) anymore which allows to slide through the selected images.

Any help where to look at?



Hi Markus, as you have noticed there is no stock slideshow widget in apostrophe-lean-frontend. This is because our own developers nearly always wind up making custom slideshow widgets and using other slideshow js plugins anyway. So it’s a bit of an open question for us whether a default slideshow widget for lean frontend (and for 3.x) even makes sense. Although perhaps as a matter of marketing it to new developers it would be necessary to ship something.

Contributions to apostrophe-lean-frontend are of course welcome. Take a look at how the video widget is reimplemented in that module, including the option to enable pushing it at all, of course. But you might find you want to just follow that pattern and write your own player function that utilizes the js slideshow plugin of your choice. There are so many great ones.


I think a new separate module for a slideshow makes more sense than building one in for lean front end. That way it can start fresh and be built “leaner” than the default.


Thanks for answering,

I was just using the slideshow as an example. I now got that I misunderstood some things.
The lean module removes the ability to use the ‘normal’ module client code. That’s totally find and I think it is good enough that way.
There are may slideshows one could integrate. I’m fine with that. :slight_smile: