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Pages don't delete or update


I searched but didn’t find anything on this topic so please forgive me if it’s a duplicate.

Since we began using Apostrophe, we have been struggling with a couple of things related to pages. For example, when deleting a page, it sometimes will not actually delete and it does not disappear from the live site. Deleting a page will move it to the Trash but the page still shows on the live site. It typically cannot be deleted from the Trash. The CMS goes through the motions but after the page refreshes, the page we’re trying to delete is still there.

Additionally, at times, when renaming a page, it will appear correctly in Draft mode but never updates in Live mode.

Both of these items are incredibly frustrating. Any advice or input is appreciated!


That should definitely not be happening, though using Workflow does add additional factors in play. I would suggest you open an issue in Github where we could work with you to identify the issue better.

If you can detail in the issue the specific user flow that results in the problem (what mode you’re in when you do what) that would help.


Also: do you have the latest versions of apostrophe and apostrophe-workflow? If not make sure to test with the latest and let us know if that resolves the issue.


@alexbea, @boutell - thanks for the replies. Yes, we are using Workflow and have discussed internally that this may be related. I will try to get an issue open on GitHub in the next day or so. I’ve found that a workaround is to continue the operation over and over until it takes. Frustrating.