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Planning for Apostrophe 3.0


Hey everyone,
The Apostrophe team is super excited to announce that we’re working on a roadmap to 3.0! More detail here https://medium.com/@apostrophecms/planning-for-apostrophe-3-0-5b20558874de

Happy New Year!


Yes! It is worth quoting from that article that support for 2.x will run through at least the end of 2020. We take our long-term support (LTS) releases seriously. And of course, practically speaking, we’ll likely have client sites of our own that we take care of on 2.x for longer than that. Everyone should feel comfortable building sites on 2.x, the road to 3.x is a long one.


Not sure if Apostrophe 3 is the right release for this but… I it seems to me like having a version of Apostrophe that uses REACT not just for the editor functions but also for the regular page rending, would be ideal.

and since your going in that direction maybe it does not have to be that hard.

For SEO you would need to use Universal REACT where pages get rendered both on the server and on the browser depending on whether your loading a page fresh from URL or clicking on a link to a page within the site (in which case client side rendering of the JSX can be used with no SEO penalty).


Hi Kim,

We’re not planning to use a frontend framework for non-editing functions, primarily because we want to preserve the frontend developer’s options. We will be pushing almost no JS to logged out users.

But, that doesn’t mean you and other developers can’t choose to do it, or create a module for it. And we’re looking into making it easier to do refresh-free rendering for page transitions with a little help from Apostrophe, even without a framework in place.

Retiring Nunjucks entirely would be a much larger bc break than we had in mind for the developer community.


I plan to create some sites for family and friends – just to get started and learn something.

There are no tags or milestones – and I see no branch – relating to 3.0 on GitHub. How is the process going? Could you need some (not so experienced, but hungry) helping hands?

If I start the projects before 3.0, would it be a pain to convert 2.0 projects to 3.0?



You don’t see it because it is a 3rd/4th quarter project for us. There will be a branch when the time comes.

As for starting projects now, definitely get moving in 2.x! For typical development the changes will have a very minor impact if you choose to migrate them later, and because 2.x is a long-term support release, you don’t have to migrate at all for a very long time. We have dozens of clients of our own with no particularly compelling reason to move to 3.x.

And we will likely launch new projects on 2.x right through the end of the year for enterprise use cases, because after we release version 3.x of the core module, we have all of our other modules to think about.


I’ve seen that you guys have started laying out some concrete planning for Apostrophe 3.0 in GitHub. I think you’re definitely going in the right direction and definitely think you’re putting the focus in a good place!

I realise that engaging with the community (even if it’s still fairly small) is time consuming, but I basically just wanted to say that I think it would be great if you could publish some RFCs before implementing the planned updates. I am currently working on a larger Apostrophe project and would love to spend some time looking over the planned changes once you have set out a direction!


That is exactly what we plan to do as we go along.