Possible to Copy Parent Page and Children

What do you need help with?

Hi there - I was wondering if there was a way to copy a parent page and its children? I’m specifically looking to do this to help with versioning content. As in, if we have a bunch of content under the path “/1-0”, I could hit copy, give the new parent slug of “/2-0” and be able to make changes to the child pages that were copied only where necessary.

What have you already tried?

Through the browser editor, I’ve been able to copy the home page, a parent page, and a child page individually but it would be helpful to do a batch copy.

What do you have?

My version of the apostrophe module is: 2.107

My version of node is (node --version): v10.16.0

My operating system is: Windows

The browser in which I have trouble is: Chrome

Hi @sanajaved7. There’s no batch copy for pages. Generally I would avoid keeping deprecated content around since it can lead to confusion and clutter (I think back to my days managing nonprofit websites).

You could use apostrophe-workflow to instead stage a series of edits before publishing (or "committing) them all at once. That’s available now with the Apostrophe Workflow module, but will be built into the next major version by default.

On top of that, version control is built-in already, using the “Versions” interface, to view changes and revert to previous states of the page.