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Prefered Development Enviroment of the core Apostrophe Team


Hello There,

Something that I have been wondering for a while, is how do you setup your development environment. Currently we are using Intellij with different plugins, but I feel it does not provide any added functionality (which is found in languages like Groovy and Java) which are of any value when developing with nodejs.

After seeing this

I started to wonder.

Does anyone mind sharing, plugins, setup, workflow, etc. etc.?



Hey @fotisp !

I think all of us on the Apostrophe team use lightweight editors for writing code as opposed to fuller IDEs. At this point we’re about evenly split between Atom and VS Code.

We do have snippet plugins for quickly scaffolding out common Apostrophe code blocks.


Thank you for your answer. That helps a lot. Maybe we could include a couple of more questions here, so maybe other people can chip in.

  1. What modules/addons do you use (VSCode & Atom)

  2. How do you structure your project e.x.
    | - collab
    | - appostrophe\

  3. Best practices for debugging

  4. Any customization tips

  5. Known workarounds

  6. Do you use the internal terminals? ( How do you run multiple ones :slight_smile: )

  7. Refactoring ( manual / plugins / search & replace )

These are some of the things that I have come up, trying to set up this alternative environment.

As I start answering these questions myself, I will come back to this.



To bring this topic back a bit: Currently I am struggling with the Nunjucks syntax highlightning.

The Nunjucks package for VS Code is not optimal and hasn’t been updated for a long time. How’s the Nunjucks support for Atom?