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Prefix and redirect


I want my site to run in http://domain.com/web

I did the prefix configuration in app.js and works as expected.
Now I want the http://domain.com/ to be redirect to /web but instead I get a “Cannot GET /” error.

Redirection from the Apache configuration doesn’t work


found it I had a wrong proxy it should be

ProxyPass “/web” “http ://localhost:3000/web/”
ProxyPassReverse “/web” “http ://localhost:3000/web/”

instead of

ProxyPass “/” “http ://localhost:3000/web/”
ProxyPassReverse “/” “http ://localhost:3000/web/”


Sounds sensible. FYI how-to questions are best posted to stackoverflow, tagged apostrophe-cms. The forum is meant for announcements and general discussion. While I’m on the subject, we also have live community chat at chat.apostrophecms.org.