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React - Next.js Boilerplate using Apostrophe Headless

I am working on a React based Front-end boilerplate that is set up to make requests to an instance of Apostrophe utilizing apostrophe-headless. I was really happy with the simple implementation that I put in place for The front-end ended up being awesomely performant. Next.js gives great options for prefetching, server-side rendering, code splitting, and a really cool implementation of styled components (imho). I’m looking to abstract and reuse it as much as possible. I want to share and get help/suggestions.
Here is a link to the repo:

This is cool! Are you open sourcing the Apostrophe backend project too? Developers might find it a little confusing until they realize this is the frontend app that talks to headless.

I would also suggest that you update the README to cover questions like “where is the code that communicates with Apostrophe in this project?”

I can open source the backend as well. It’s a little specific at this point, but I am very open to abstracting that out as well. Selfishly it will be helpful for me on future projects as well. As for the README, absolutely. I want it to be clear and understandable. Any suggestions are welcome, I’m pretty close to the metal on this one, so I may not see the holes.

I have updated the README with some more documentation and important information. I will be updating and adding to it more and more over the next few days.