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Remove section Open-Museum


Hi everyone,
it is the first time I use Apostrophe. To start, I installed the Open-Museum theme.
For my project I only need articles and events, how can I delete the other sections?
Thank you.


Hi gaetes,
You can remove modules by deleting the reference to the module itself in app.js's modules object, then deleting the corresponding directories located in lib/modules

As you remove configuration for different content types, their admin menus should disappear on app restart.

If you want to further customize your admin bar you can find it’s configuration in /lib/modules/apostrophe-admin-bar/index.js


@gaetes, be aware that as you disable widget modules (like the artwork or artist widgets) you may notice errors elsewhere because those widgets are referenced. Removing references to them from the lib/modules/helpers/lib/areas.js file will address most of that, but maybe not all.


@alexbea I tried to remove Artwork, Artist and Location I get this error
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘options’ of undefined
Thank you


Do you have a stack trace with that error identifying where it’s coming from?


@alexbea I managed to eliminate people and artists.
There would still be one thing, in the peer-nav.html file I would also like to retrieve the main page and not just the child pages


Excellent. Please review the use of the peer-nav macro in the default pages in the Open Museum project. That includes two different uses of the macro for both child and ancestor pages.