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SVG Support in Apostrophe 2.68


I’m attempting to implement SVG support in Apostrophe, but I’m unclear on the instructions. I used to get a file corrupt error in previous versions of Apostrophe. Setting svgImages to true when defining an apostrophe-images does change the nature of the error message to something along the lines of “Some uploaded files were not suitable for the current placement", but the file doesn’t actually upload

 apos.area(data.page, 'examples', {
  widgets: {
    'apostrophe-images': {
      limit: 1,
      svgImages: true,
      extensions: ['png','gif','jpg','jpeg','svg']

I’m running the latest Apostrophe 2.68. I have confirmed the widgetBase.html in apostrophe-images-widgets matches the one in node_modules/apostrophe and has the same code for handling SVGs.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Hi Duncan, if reporting a bug please use the apostrophecms/apostrophe github, if asking a how-to question plese use stackoverflow and tag the question apostrophe-cms. We monitor both actively of course. The forum is for general discussion of Apostrophe and for announcements.