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Trying to understand Workflow's defaultLocale configuration


Hi there, I have a few questions about Apostrophe Workflow.

In the examples provided in the documentation it appears to suggest we use ‘default’ as the ‘defaultLocale’ in the app.js configuration. This works pretty well for when you are logged in and adding content, but when you try to access the site when you are logged out you are met with a 404 for just about everything. I figure this is because the “default” locale is private and nothing written in it is visible to the public. Is this correct?

Anyway, I was able to remedy this by changing ‘defaultLocale’ to one of the children of “default” and this seems to work nicely.

However, now when I am logged in I need to manually change to the “default” locale in order to add content there before translating it between languages.

Is there a way to set a front-facing default locale (for general visitors to the site) vs a backend default locale (for content authors)? Am I missing something?

I’d like the folks I’m building this site for to not have the mental overhead of switching from “A Site Language” to “Default” before authoring content and then porting it over to “Other Language” after. I know you can port between languages pretty easily, but explaining workflow is a complicated notion as it is and I don’t want to confuse folks further.

Any thoughts?