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Hell new forum!

and typing a bit more because we need 20 characters :slight_smile:


Hey guys I am developing a website using apostrophe too… In these days I have to migrate it from a local machine to a server… But the problem is that the new release it doesn’t fit with the path and others… Do you have any solutions?


Hi ScrumBoy,

Can you be a little more specific about the difficulties you are having? Our 2.0 projects come with working stagecoach deployment scripts in the deployment/ folder, just like the 0.5 projects. We are deploying them side by side with 0.5 projects on our own testing and production servers with no trouble.

Thanks for the quickly answer boutell,
I checked and saw that some transfer failed… Another question… There is the possibility to use a specific font for the apos text area? And how?

Thank you, Apostrophe CMS is a great software. I am building a business directory website, hope I get it ready soon, I am reading and learning everyday.


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