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We're on! I've just deployed an app

Hey guys,

after two years developing, I’m deploying an app using Apostrophe: (I’ts in portuguese, because I’m from Brazil).

The app is a platform to study laws. Users can search for legal texts, navigate on each one of them using an index, keep track of its changes, write one note on each paragraph of them and, if they buy a premium account, see and rate notes from other users.

That’s because in Brazil we have so many laws. Currently, more than 70k on the database. And these are just the federal ones.

If you’re curious, login by clicking in “Entrar”. I’ts pretty intuitive, but if you having trouble with portuguese, please tell me and I would help. After login, you can see the app in action by visiting the Constitution of Brazil, for instance:ção-república-federativa-brasil-1988. To add a note, just click in any paragraph.

Please, understand I coded it alone, one-man band style. There’s plenty improvising, kludges and space for improving. If you have some sugestions I would be thankful.

I put a link to Apostrophe’s on page “Sobre” (about). Is this enough for licensing purpose, or I have to write all the licence text to this page too?

Thanks a lot. Apostrophe is amazing.


Thanks for sharing! I’m not familiar with licensing rules but I trust you don’t need much more. Thanks for your comments about the technology. Having chosen Apostrophe to power MICHELIN group public websites 3 years ago (today about 200 live websites, including by the way) I can only share your views!

Congratulations! This is very cool.

Apostrophe is released under the MIT license, which requires only that the license appear in “all copies or substantial portions of the software.” For a website a credit link the one you have provided is appreciated, thank you.

Don’t thank me. I just did some minor contributions to apostrophe and its documentation on github, and some of them were wrong. I really would like to contribute more, but I feel too amateur yet. I would need to study the tests before any serious participation. Anyway, if I find something odd, I’ll report.

I came from WordPress, which is also great to implement smal websites quickly. But I was feeling that it wouldn’t be enough. I wanted to design and develop something that would grow. Before choosing the technology, I did considerable research, and chose apostrophe because:

  1. It’s all javascript. Even though I didn’t know anything about node.js, only frontend-js and MongoDB. And it totally paid off;
  2. The many interfaces which come with apostrophe: possibility to manage users and permissios, image uploads, login with third part accounts with passport, cloud storage, CKEditor, etc. The best js libraries are already there, installed and pre-configured.
  3. It seemed highly scalable.
  4. I was amazed by the “edit the page contextually” thing, even though I’m not using it as it deserves.
  5. The headless module: REST API.
  6. I read somewhere that mr. Boutell was the inventor of GD library, with which I had a lot of fun when I was learning to code in PHP. Plus, he was the PNG inventor. I thought: well, if he kept the quality control, apostrophe should be great, hahah. And it is.

I don’t know if my app will grow and shine. If so, I’m going to dedicate more time to apostrophe. Otherwise… Well, I’ve learned a lot, which is good, and I’d also need a job, because I’m unemployed right now hahah.

Thanks again!