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Work in progress category for the forum


Hi Tom,
Do you think we could have a work in progress category in the forum.
I think we could all share some screenshots of what we are working on !

Here is my WIP for the login page.
I’ve extend the loginBase.html to something like this

I need to correct the error fields css, but I have something that fits my needs !

Please guys, could you tell me what do you think about it ?



Great idea. Category created.


Thank you !
I’ll give you more WIP asap


Hi everyone,
Here is what I’ve done for far (still have issues with my material design input)

But, here I have a sign in / sign up form !

I still don’t know if its secured, but, I’ll check it after !
(underd the password input, I’ve put a password strength checker)

Still have work to do :slight_smile:



hi everyone,
A small update of my login form.
Still have problem with Chrome with the autofill dans this annoying yellow input color (don’t know how turn it off)

Today I’ve added validation on input field
what do you think of it ?

I use animate.css to shake the glyphicon