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Official Announcements

Apostrophe-workflow 2.15.0 released: sensible workflow for "reorganizing" the page tree at last! (1)
Announcing the new ApostropheCMS demo site! (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.14.0: `i18n` compatibility, default locales by hostname and other improvements (1)
Apostrophe 2.74.0: server-side user notifications, showFields improvements and more (1)
New community chat at chat.apostrophecms.org! (1)
Apostrophe 2.73.0: in-context editing for areas in object fields and other fixes (1)
Apostrophe 2.72.3: page permissions simplified, in-context editing regression fix and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.72.2: bug fixes, task to list attachment URLs (1)
Apostrophe-headless 2.5.0: support for including and excluding fields for any given request (1)
Apostrophe 2.72.0: nested folder support in lib/modules (1)
Apostrophe 2.71.1: fixed drag and drop bug for widgets (1)
Apostrophe 2.71.0: improvements to slug conflict handling (1)
Announcing apostrophe-selective-permissions: give your consultants limited edit access (1)
Apostrophe 2.70.1: CSRF cookie parameters, bug fixes for advisory locks on pieces, event handlers, better semantic button markup (1)
Apostrophe 2.70.0: import CSS files without LESS compilation (1)
Apostrophe 2.69.1: contextual editing of areas in arrays, promise support for migrations and more (1)
Apostrophe 3.0: development sprint 1 report (1)
Apostrophe 2.68.0: home page copies, performance wins, multisite fixes and more (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.12.0: batch operations for workflow, plus an option to disable "export after commit" (1)
Apostrophe 2.67.0: batch operations on pages, lock page types down based on parent page, fix to support pieces-orderings-bundle and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.66.0: ckeditor update, apos.utils.escapeHtml works properly in the browser, apos.areas.richText double output fix (1)
Apostrophe-monitor: a much faster "nodemon" specialized for Apostrophe (1)
Apostrophe 2.65.0: replica set fix, _url for files, rich text editors fix, also notes on features missing from 2.64.1 announcement (1)
Apostrophe 2.64.1: server-side validation errors no longer break editing experiences (1)
Apostrophe-rich-text-permalinks: conveniently link to pages and pieces from the rich text editor (1)
Apostrophe 2.64.0: search suggestions, showFields for checkboxes, performance and more (1)
Announcing the apostrophe-lean-frontend module: faster first-page loads! (1)
Apostrophe 2.63.0: "promise events," SVG support, prepend/append and many fixes (1)
Apostrophe 2.62.0: UX improvements, bug fixes, steps toward newer MongoDB compatibility (1)
Apostrophe-elasticsearch module published: replace MongoDB text search with Elasticsearch (1)