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Official Announcements

Apostrophe-elasticsearch module published: replace MongoDB text search with Elasticsearch (1)
Apostrophe 2.61.0: extra joins in pieces widgets, UX improvements and fixes, security enhancements, code of conduct (1)
Apostrophe 2.60.3: improved support for nested widgets, concurrency tools (1)
Apostrophe 2.60.2 released: fixes for regressions in 2.60.1, recommended upgrade (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.10.1: fixed bug when prefixes option is not present (1)
Apostrophe 2.60.1 released: user interface fixes, corrected dependencies, more validation of code and data, and general UI improvement (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.10.0 released: automatically detects new locales and slug prefixes (1)
Apostrophe 2.60.0 released: counts for filters, running tasks programmatically, many user experience improvements and fixes (1)
Apostrophe 2.59.1 released: def property for widget schemas, infinite scroll fixes, functional tests and more (1)
Apostrophe-profiler released: speed up your slow site! (1)
Apostrophe 2.59.0 released: fix for nested widgets, unique key errors do not retry forever, stub API for profiling (1)
Sort your pieces "by hand": apostrophe-pieces-orderings-bundle released! (1)
Apostrophe 2.58.0 released: polymorphic joins! Also: responsive srcset attributes, fast forms, db reuse and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.57.1 released: hotfix for bug in 2.57.0 that caused tags to be lost on save (1)
UploadFS 1.10.2: important fixes to Azure support for Apostrophe (1)
Apostrophe 2.57.0 released: fast forms, better asset generation IDs, easier access to the global preferences in tasks (1)
Uploadfs 1.9.1: imagemin plugins no longer break Red Hat / CentOS at install/run time (1)
Apostrophe 2.55.0: security fix for images in the trash, azure storage, cropping fix for azure + s3, and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.54.2, 2.54.3: contextual editing of pieces in widgets, better migration handling (1)
Apostrophe 2.54.1: media selection is compatible with Chrome 66 (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.8.0 released (1)
Apostrophe 2.53.0 released: better dev performance, middleware fine-tuning, more fixes (1)
Apostrophe 2.52.0: soft redirects for better SEO and other good things! (1)
Apostrophe 2.50.0: widget clone button, flexible array item titles, jQuery 3 fix for modals & more (1)
Apostrophe 2.49.0: password reset feature (1)
Announcing apostrophe-saml: single sign-on for SAML and Shibboleth (1)
Apostrophe 2.48.0: color and range schema fields, logging and more (1)
How to keep up with important changes in Apostrophe (1)