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Apostrophe 2.89.1: fixes for detection of modified CSS files, login session stability (CSRF errors), apos.area/apos.singleton alternate syntax errors (1)
Apostrophe 2.89.0: significant reliability and logging improvements (1)
Apostrophe 2.88.1: fixes for dragging widgets between areas, editing widgets after dragging them (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.21.0: "force export widget" fix, "dereplicate" utility task, support for removing locales from sessions (1)
Apostrophe 2.88.0: options to reduce use of sessions, fixes and more (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.20.0: reduced replication of documents across locales (1)
Apostrophe 2.87.0: tooltips, testing for namespaced modules, more startup performance work (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.19.0: "Manage Workflow" view with "modified" filter, sortable by "Last Commit" (1)
Apostrophe 2.86.0: namespaced npm module support, effortless migrations in dev, quiet warnings, fixes and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.85.0: automatically import JPEG metadata, shift-select and more improvements (1)
Apostrophe 2.84.0: sortable columns for "manage pieces," npm audit compliance, several fixes and new warnings (1)
Apostrophe-elasticsearch version 2.1.3: robust fix for bad arguments to search filter (1)
Apostrophe 2.83.0 & 2.83.1, stability fixes plus apostrophe-pieces-import and -export improvements (1)
Apostrophe 2.82.0: improved Docker support (1)
Apostrophe 2.81.1 & workflow 2.17.0: schema field defaults supported by global doc, accommodations for override-options (1)
Apostrophe 2.81.0: improved conflict resolution, fault tolerance (1)
Apostrophe 2.80.0: mandatory boolean fields, numbers as select field choices and more (1)
Apostrophe-personas version 3.0.0: better SEO (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.16.1: bug fix for new projects started with workflow (1)
Apostrophe-workflow 2.16.0: new "modified documents" feature makes it easy to find and commit everything, plus performance enhancements (1)
Apostrophe 2.79.0: improved migration progress display, quieter migrations (1)
Google Cloud Storage support for Apostrophe: uploadfs 1.12.0 (1)
Apostrophe 2.78.0: batch permissions for pieces, faster "select everything" (1)
2.77.2: attachments migration fixed, noninteractive migrations fixed, new tests in place to prevent regressions (1)
Apostrophe 2.77.1: hotfix to remove possible bad migration in 2.77.0 - do not deploy 2.77.0 (1)
Apostrophe 2.77.0: the home page can be a pieces page, migration progress display, fixes for reverse joins, drag and drop and more (1)
Apostrophe 2.76.1: fixes for "apply to subpages," home page type changes, session updates when sending notifications (1)
Apostrophe 2.76.0: email schema fields, developer help, poll-notifications performance fix, apostrophe-monitor ready and more (1)
Apostrophe-headless 2.7.0: support for `distinct` values to populate your filters (1)